Rep. Carbajal Statement on Israel Agreeing to Humanitarian Pauses in Northern Gaza

Congressman Salud Carbajal (CA-24) today reacted to news that the United States successfully brokered a deal with Israel to approve daily humanitarian pauses in military action in Gaza to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians in need and facilitate the safe evacuation of civilians from areas where Israel may be conducting operations to root out Hamas terrorists.

“As I have repeatedly said, protecting civilians and rooting out the perpetrators of unconscionable terrorist attacks are not incompatible goals – and American diplomacy in the Middle East has been nonstop in pursuing that balance.

“By brokering an agreement with Israel to allow for these pauses in military operations, we can now advance efforts to ensure that every step is being taken to get civilians out of harm’s way and that lifesaving aid is getting to those in need while we continue to support Israel’s mission of uprooting the Hamas terrorists who one month ago shattered the region’s fragile peace.

“Today’s announcement is a positive step, but we have many more ahead of us – and a balanced approach that supports both Israel’s right to self-defense and the safety of Palestinian civilians in Gaza is the only way we can return to a path toward a peaceful and sustainable solution.”

Last week, Congressman Salud Carbajal (CA-24) reemphasized his call for a humanitarian pause in fighting in Gaza and other key diplomatic priorities for the United States, including making clear that Israel must conduct military operations within the scope of international law and minimize civilian harm.

In that letter, he reiterated his belief that Israel’s right to root out the terrorist responsible for the October 7 attack on its citizens and the need to protect civilian lives in the aftermath are not incompatible goals.

Congressman Carbajal also is part of an effort in Congress to swiftly approve additional humanitarian aid as requested by President Joe Biden last month.

Rep. Carbajal’s original call for a humanitarian pause can be found here.

Over the past few weeks, Rep. Carbajal has also joined his colleagues in Congress to formally condemn Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks, to call for swift support for both Israel's security needs and humanitarian relief to help those being oppressed by Hamas in Gaza, and to cut off funding sources for terrorist organizations in the region.

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