Rep. Carbajal Touts $4,200,000 Delivered for Guadalupe Projects in 2022 Federal Budget

Mayor, County Supervisors joined Carbajal for stops today at LeRoy Park and the site of the future Escalante Meadows Community Center

Congressman Salud Carbajal made another two stops on his ‘Central Coast Community Project Victory Tour’ to highlight $4.2 million he secured for Guadalupe projects through the 2022 federal budget.

Today, Congressman Salud Carbajal made another two stops on his ‘Central Coast Community Project Victory Tour’ to highlight $4.2 million he secured for Guadalupe projects through the 2022 federal budget.

Through advocacy from Carbajal, this year’s federal budget includes $2.5 million for construction of the Escalante Meadows Community Center and $1.7 million for renovations at LeRoy Park.

“Over the past year, I fought to bring these taxpayer dollars back to our communities in the form of direct funding for projects that can raise the quality of life for our families, and it was great to see up close how these funds will help make big difference in the City of Guadalupe,” said Rep. Carbajal. “The $4.2 million dollars coming back for Escalante Meadows and LeRoy Park will help expand community services, improve access to affordable housing and quality child care, and restore open spaces for families to enjoy events and celebrations all year round.”

Rep. Carbajal joined Guadalupe Mayor Ariston Julian and Santa Barbara County Supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Joan Hartmann to highlight the improvements slated for Guadalupe.

“LeRoy Park and the Community Center has served as Guadalupe’s unofficial town square for over 70 years,” said Supervisor Hartmann. “Over the decades, community events and celebrations ranging from quinceañeras, concerts, and car shows to the annual Fiestas Patrias have occurred at the park. As the former Supervisor representing Guadalupe, I’m thrilled that Congressmember Carbajal secured federal funding to help complete these renovations.”

“I'm happy to join with my former colleague Rep. Salud Carbajal to celebrate the continued improvement of Guadalupe,” said Supervisor Lavagnino. “This community is a priority for us and we will work jointly to deliver for the people of Guadalupe.”

“The land that Le Roy Park is located was donated to the “Village of Guadalupe” by the Le Roy family in the middle 1800’s. From that period to today, the park has been the central gathering point for many activities from Portuguese Fiestas, Mexican Fiestas, Filipino gatherings, etc. Guadalupe’s population  today is 8,500 residents with 75% or more, Latino. Within this demographic, 37% of the population is under 18 years of age,” said Mayor Julian.The new facility will, and especially the federal support provided by Senator Feinstein and Representative Carbajal, will add an additional 2,200 square foot of space as a multiple use area, funds to complete the interior of the new addition, fund the existing parking lot with asphalt from decomposed granite, complete the planned amphitheater and fund one additional BBQ area. There is very strong support of the renovations and new funds from all in Guadalupe, especially the local School District, non-profit groups like the Midcoast Boys and Girls Club, SER, Jobs For progress, Family Services Center, Hancock College,  etc. The City’s Recreation Department will expand recreational and leisure services, in conjunction with other non-profits and community organizations. What is especially exciting about receiving the federal support is that local veterans groups have stepped in to help maintain the facility, which is always a burden on local rural communities. We will also, again, provide a parade route for our 16th of September celebrations organized by El Comite Civico Mexicano. Le Roy Park will act as destination venue of the parade route where celebrations from all walks of life, will participate in the 16th programs. We extend our sincere appreciation for Senator Feinstein and Representative Carbajal for making sure that underserved communities like Guadalupe, are supported by our local representatives and not forgotten. With this help, all we can say is “Onward and Upward”.

Escalante Meadows:

Housing Authority County of Santa Barbara (HASCB) is currently redeveloping Guadalupe Ranch Acres to construct 80 affordable housing units for Guadalupe residents as the new Escalante Meadows community. Construction is slated to begin later this year.

The $2.5 million secured by Carbajal for the project will fund construction of a new community center at Escalante Meadows, which will include a community services hub and child development center.

Once completed, the child development center will have the capacity to serve up to 100 children ages two to five.

The community services hub at the Escalante Meadows Community Center will provide Guadalupe residents with resources including job training, adult education, medical screenings, counseling and nutrition education, and partnerships with local organizations and colleges.

LeRoy Park:

LeRoy Park and its community center was one of Guadalupe’s unofficial town square where community events and family activities occurred for generations. But the community center was closed in 2017 due to mold and disrepair.

The first phase of the restoration project already underway is set to conclude in June with the grand reopening of their community center.

The $1.7 million secured by Rep. Carbajal will be used to provide further park enhancements, such as additional barbeque areas and picnic areas, an exercise area, and an amphitheater.

Additional Background:

In March, President Biden signed over $17 million in direct funding for nine Central Coast projects into law after more than a year of advocacy by Congressman Carbajal. Projects that were funded in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties were:

·       $5,600,000 for the County of San Luis Obispo Public Safety Communication System

·       $3,000,000 for the Goleta Valley Community Center

·       $2,500,000 for the Escalante Meadows Community Center in the City of Guadalupe

·       $2,000,000 for the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo’s Anderson Hotel

·       $1,700,000 for LeRoy Park in the City of Guadalupe

·       $1,300,000 for Seismic Upgrades to the Santa Barbara Veterans Memorial Building

·       $900,000 for the Lompoc Health Clinic

·       $375,000 for Cambria Community Services District Water Tanks

·       $112,340 for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Waste Water Treatment Plant

More information on the projects can be found here.

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