Congress Cannot Leave DACA in Limbo

Congress Cannot Leave DACA in Limbo
By: Congressman Salud Carbajal | 4/8/2018

One of the greatest disappoints during my first term in Congress, was watching my colleagues’ stubborn refusal to act to protect the DACA program after the President cruelly rescinded protections for nearly 800,000 DACA recipients. 

Despite overwhelming public support for this program in both parties, increasing anti-immigrant sentiments have created a Republican majority in Congress that is apathetic to addressing this self-inflicted immigration crisis. 

Ending DACA will cost an estimated $490 billion over a decade in lost GDP, including a $11.6 billion loss in California alone, as we push away bright young innovators and entrepreneurs that help preserve our edge in the global marketplace.  Business leaders from across the political spectrum, from Charles Koch to Tim Cook, have raised strong concerns about the economic impact of terminating the DACA program. 

The DACA program allowed young immigrants to learn, work, and contribute to their communities without fear of deportation. These young people work as teachers, first responders, business owners and serve in our military who are all living with a future in limbo. 

For now, a Supreme Court ruling has allowed DACA recipients to renew their applications. However, it is unclear how long this temporary stay will remain in place and I encourage all eligible DACA recipients with expiring authorizations to submit their renewal applications as soon as possible. If you or someone you know needs help with their renewal process, please contact my office at (805) 730-1710.

There are 9,000 people currently eligible for DACA on the Central Coast. Congress needs to act on comprehensive immigration reform. We can start by voting on one of several bipartisan pieces of legislation that offers a permanent solution for DACA recipients.

The majority of Americans want to see these young people protected. All we need is a vote.

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