Rep. Carbajal visits Lompoc-area high schools, discusses civics, college

Rep. Carbajal visits Lompoc-area high schools, discusses civics, college

By Staff

Congressman Salud Carbajal met with students and staff at Cabrillo High School on Tuesday afternoon, less than two weeks after taking part in a college-finance event at Lompoc High School.

Carbajal, a Democrat who represents the 24th District, met with students Tuesday in the Cabrillo High library, where he discussed some of the challenges and processes involved with developing legislative proposals into law. He then fielded some questions from the students and went on a student-led tour of the Cabrillo High Aquarium.

On Oct. 10, Carbajal addressed a large crowd of Lompoc High students and their parents during the school’s “Cash for College Night” event, which was sponsored by Hancock College and Cal-Soap to help educate students and parents about some of the complex financial components of attending and paying for college.

“It is always a pleasure to meet students engaged in the political process from such a young age,” Carbajal said ahead of his visit to Cabrillo.

The Oct. 10 event at Lompoc High was attended by more than 100 students and parents, which was well above the attendance of previous years’ events, according to Lompoc Unified School District administrators.

“We are extremely grateful for the support and assistance provided by the Cal-Soap people to meet right here on our site, get students and parents online, and literally help them through the financial aid process,” said Lompoc High Principal Paul Bommersbach. “Because of Cal-Soap, many students who would not know how to approach this complex issue are able to take the first step toward a college education.”

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