The Central Coast is the proud birthplace of Earth Day. As environmental stewards, we know we must find a solution to climate change. 

This Earth Day, I introduced the the Climate Change is Real Act. The bill requires the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reinstate information about climate change or global warming that was removed from, or redacted on, the agency’s website.

Under Administrator Scott Pruitt, the EPA has previously removed significant climate change-related information from their website and since then, significant information related to climate change remains missing from the site. Pruitt has publicly stated his incorrect belief that human activity has not significantly contributed to climate change and has even suggested that climate change will help humans “flourish.” This is contrary to the current scientific consensus.

“The EPA’s dangerous censorship of facts is incredibly alarming and contrary to the agency’s mission to protect our environment and public health,” said Rep. Carbajal. “This legislation is an important step to protecting the credibility of the EPA and their mission.”

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